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From soaking up the unique beauty and charm of Hyderabad to seeing some of the most exciting tourist attractions in the world and more, NITIN TOURISM can arrange the perfect tourist getaway to suit your tastes.

Our team knows all about Hyderabad and will be on hand to provide services that epitomize excellence in consultation guidance for the exacting standards of a sophisticated tourist holiday.


NITIN TOURISM offers a diverse range of City Tours to cater to different tastes and situations. They include:

  • Are professional specialists with various backgrounds and extensive experience in travel industry and the necessary skill level as a one stop shop for all your travel needs.
  • Customized Tours: Tour customized as per the tourist's desires.
  • Regular Tours: Something Unique that normal tour operators don't offer.
  • Unusual Tours: Combines unusual side with the usual normal side of touring.
  • Guided Tours: Smart and creatively packaged that appeals to tourist's specific tastes and requirements.


If you're keen on someone who can tell you all about the city of Hyderabad and explain the history of each tourist attraction in a way that appeals to you, then we are well-positioned to provide you the services of such Tour Leaders.

Our tourist guides are highly professional and speak fluent English, Hindi, Telugu & Urdu, have a clear voice and self-confidence when speaking in public. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject area, they will even be able to tell stories which even the locals would not able to. They will make you enjoy the city of Hyderabad in a way that you will never forget Hyderabad in your Lifetime.


  • Temple Tour.
  • Dargah Tour.
  • Ashram Tour.
  • Mutt Tour.
  • Palace Tour.
  • Entertainment Tour.


We believe that a comfortable stay is must for leisure trip. For those who look for a good hotel to stay put during the duration of the trip, we offer hotel reservation services that will help you in finding the right place for your stay.

We work in close network and provide bookings in 5 star hotels, 3 star hotels, 2 star hotels, guest houses and also luxury resorts, all equipped with the latest modern facilities. The whole of this service is done as per your budgetary requirements.


NITIN TOURISM can arrange for a wide range of transport facilities, right from short-term luxury vehicles to long vacation car rentals of different categories ranging from luxurious AC cars to budgetary Non-AC vehicles of different capacities. Steps are taken to ensure that the vehicle drivers are well-groomed ones who know their job well enough to put you to ease and comfort. Be it for a short trip or a long one, our car rental services are right at your doorsteps providing with outstanding service that would bring great peace of mind to your travel experiences.

To help us provide you an efficient car or coach rental, we have a robust network of car and coach rentals and agencies across the city of Hyderabad, which make our task of providing the rental vehicle a lot more easier.


There are times when you want to plan a trip to your own liking as per your schedule & time as against taking a set group package tour which leaves on fixed dates.

NITIN TOURISM offers a variety of customized tour packages that takes into account the nitty-gritty of planning such a trip complete with hotel bookings, car / coach rentals, city attractions time schedules, return airport/train ticket bookings & what not.

Such packages will take the hassles out from planning & executing such a fun trip and instead allow you to just enjoy the trip wholeheartedly.