Yousufian Dargah.

The Dome of Dargah was constructed during the era of Nizams.

Syed Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin were commanders in the army of Aurangzeb. The Moghal emperor, according to legend, Aurangzeb, sought help of Syed Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin,to conquering the Kingdom of Golconda. When they died, they were buried in village Nampally. Since then the dargah is popular with followers of all faiths coming from all classes of society.

Yousufuddin and Sharifuddin(better known as Yousufain or Shareefain) and their Khanqah known as Dargah Yousufain in Hyderabad.

The burial ground has tombs notable people in Hyderabad. The popular Urdu poet and court musician during the sixth Nizam, Daagh Dehlvi's was buried here.

Both spiritual leaders were originally from Shaam (present day Syria). While performing the hajj, they met with Sheikh E Azam Peer Kaleem ullah Jahanabadi in MakkahAlMukarramah. Sheikh Kaleemullah Jahanabadi was disciple of renowned Al-Qutub Sheikh Yahya Madani hailing from MadinaAl-Munawara. Sheikh Yahya Madani lived in holy city of Madinah-Al-Munawwarah till his death, his body was laid to rest near the rouzah of Uthman bin Afwan Khaleefatu-Rasool-Allah.

Sheikh Kaleem-ullah Jahanabadi accepted Bayat (solemn vow of discipleship and covenant faith) of Yousufain Sharifian. Yousufain Sharifain followed their spiritual master to Delhi instead of returning home to Syria. After completion of spiritual training Sheikh Kaleemoullah Jahanabadi, instructed them to join the Moughal Force under Aurangzeb.

Sheik Kaleemullah jahanabadi was a Sufi saint and all his life he spread a teachings of Islam and silsila chist. His fame is equally spread among the followers of all religions in Delhi and extends to Deccan. The blessed Sheikh always said make my soul happy by spreading a teachings of silsila chishtia, rather than giving treasure to his family. His teachings were equally popular in civil society as well as armed forces (lashkari.) Many of his mureeds (disciples) and Khalifa's (successors) were in army, including Yousufain Sharifain. During conquest Deccan by Moghals their hidden identity was revealed to the Moghal King Aurangzeb. After they conquered Deccan they left armed forces and decided to stay in Hyderabad to propagate teaching of Islam. When they died, they were buried in a village called Nampally, which is now in the core area of the city of Hyderabad.