Gandi Maisamma Temple

Maisigandi Maisamma Mandiram Kadthal is located in Amangal Mandal, Maisigandi Village. Maisigandi is a small village along the Srisailam Hyderabad highway. The temple of Maisamma (local name for Goddess Mahakali) comes before Maisigandi village. It is a robust developing temple of Mahakaali and it reflects the cultural and mythological feelings of local Banjara people.

The idol of Maisigandi Maisamma is roughly 20ft, and the Gopuram is also huge and different from all south Indian temples; it is opened in the top. It is said that, Maata needs open temple. Priests are from Banjara or Lambada caste. On weekends the temple surroundings turned into beautiful folks with Bonalu, and Jatara.

The temple is located from 66 km from Hyderabad to Srisailam route. Mahakaali is powerful and fulfills the wishes of devotees. Day by day temple is getting full crowds from all over the world, especially from Hyderabad. Weekend parties dominate in the surroundings of temple; people offer bonams after the fulfilling of wishes.

In the back side of temple, several temples of Sri Rama, Sri Anjaneya, Lord Sri Shiva, also there. The very large “Koneru” is also a right place to visit