Kesri Hanuman Temple

Kesari hanuman Temple:

Located at Jiyaguda, on the banks of River Musi. (Adj. to Jiyaguda KHT bust stop). It is believed that this temple was first established by samarth Ramdas swami saint from Maharashtra and also guru of maratha ruler Shivaji.
In Ramayana while searching Sitadevi Hanuman did his batch in the Musi river.And did his daily prayer for that day.
Here Goseva is also you can do right now. You will get Aavupanchakam Srirama.

Located on the banks of River Musi, the Kesari Hanuman temple Jiyaguda, Hyderabad is a temple of the people having utmost faith in the Hindu religion. The Kesari Hanuman temple Hyderabad is a small temple built to praise the mighty god Hanuman. Locals of the nearby area visit the temple on a regular basis for praise and adoration of the deity. During festivities the ambience of this temple in Hyderabad brightens up and a massive gathering of devotees takes place. The establishment of this temple was done by the guru of Maratha ruler Shivaji, Samarth Ramdas Swami.