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About us

Set up by an enterprising team of individuals with a good amount of experience in the Tourism Industry, NITIN TOURISM is a rapidly growing tour operator that provides a wide range of tour services from Customized Tours to Regular Tours and Extended Tours and more with different experiences across Hyderabad city.

The idea of setting up NITIN TOURISM came about when the founders were driven by a keen desire to provide user-friendly services to tourists that will enable them to realize the growing importance and significance of the city of Hyderabad and the varied attractions and positive experiences that Hyderabad city offers.Today NITIN TOURISM offers a whole range of attractive services like City Tours, Hotel Reservations, Car & Coach Rentals, etc, which can be customized to customer's preferences.

To spice up the tourist's expectations of a tour of Hyderabad,NITIN TOURISM provides tourists a varied range of tour choices at handsome packages. They include Customized Tours that are customized as per the tourist's desires, Regular Tours that offers more than what other normal tour operator's offer, Unusual Tours which combines the unusual side with the usual normal side of touring and Guided Tours packaged in an innovative style that will appeal to tourist's specific tastes and requirements.

At NITIN TOURISM, we believe that every tourist traveler has unique needs, objectives and expectations for their travel plan. Meticulously planned and professionally crafted with prices that are genuinely all-inclusive, our tour packages offer something for everyone: from short breaks to a comprehensive selection of longer tours to some of the most beautiful places in Hyderabad.

We look upon each of our tourist customer as our guest and accordingly ensure that they get the best deal that is value for money. Whether you are new to Hyderabad OR an 'old hand' who has visited Hyderabad many a time, you can stay assured that NITIN TOURISM will ensure that your tour is all about having fun whilst seeing lots of great tourist spots.


  • Are professional specialists with various backgrounds and extensive experience in travel industry and the necessary skill level as a one stop shop for all your travel needs
  • Have the experience and resources to provide you the service that you look for a memorable tour of Hyderabad.
  • Possess expert local knowledge and regional, on-the-ground guides so you enjoy the ultimate experience.
  • Ensure that you get to experience the captivating culture, history, and languages that is so prevalent in Hyderabad.
  • Promote responsible tourism, sustaining local culture and eco-systems.


To constantly innovate and deliver quality, exemplary services that makes sure that our customer's holiday is the ultimate travel experience.